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JĘZYK A KOMUNIKACJA 10: At the Crossroads of Linguistic Sciences

JĘZYK A KOMUNIKACJA 10: At the Crossroads of Linguistic Sciences
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ISBN: 83-922234-2-X
Nazwa i numer serii: Język a komunikacja 10
Oprawa: miękka, kolorowa
Stron: 476
Wydawnictwo: Tertium
Miejsce i rok wyd.: Kraków 2006
Nr wydania: I

Spis treści tomu:

Kamila Turewicz - Preface
Clifford Geertz - A Life of Learning

Faces of Cultural and Anthropological Linguistics

1. Piotr P. Chruszczewski - On the Fractal Nature of Linguistic and Cultural Communication
2. Jan Cygan - Gothic at a Glance
3. Kathleen R. Gibson - Customs and Cultures in Animals and Humans
4. Marcin Walczyński - Selected Aspects of Multilingualism in Papua New Guinea
5. Anna Wierzbicka - Russian Cultural Scripts: the Theory of Cultural Scripts and its Applications

Faces of Lexis

1. Elena Bonta - Argumentation - a Special Form of (Inter)Action
2. Konrad Klimkowski - Selected Remarks on the Concept of the Lexicon in Modern Linguistic Thought
3. Ioan Lucian Popa - A Case of Logical Synonimity: Fanic Synonimity
4. Elżbieta Tabakowska - Iconicity in Language - from Julius Caesar to Sebastian Janikowski
5. Maciej Widawski - Motives for Using Slang: Investigations Based on Citational Evidence

Faces of Cognitivism

1. Henryk Kardela - The Dynamicity of Categorization in Cognitive Grammar
2. Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk - Faces of Contemporary Cognitivism

Faces of Discourse

1. Camellia Cmeciu - Fairy Tales - Political Intertextuality
2. Magda Czyrek - Polish Criminal Court Cases as the Example of Linguistic Vagueness
3. Karin Ebeling - The Language of War in the Media
4. Beata Gołębiewska - Hyperbole as a Tool of Manipulation
5. Cornelia Ilie - Micro-level Coherence Patterns in Institutional Discourse
6. Ewa Komorowska - Directive Speech Acts in Linguistic Communication
7. Monika Kopytowska - News in the Minds of Men
8. Agata Stopińska - Doing Gender in the Irish Press

Faces of Humor

1. Władysław Chłopicki - Humour and Cognition: Dynamics of Characters and Events
2. Christie Davies - How Jokes Change and May Be Changed: Simplifying, Transforming and Revealing

Faces of Formal Linguistics

1. Jouni Rostila - Construction Grammar as a Functionalist Generative Grammar
2. Ewa Rudnicka-Mosiądz, Dorota Klimek - Grammatical Aspect and Semantic Aspect

Faces of Translation Studies

1. Gloria Corpas Pastor, Jorge Leive Rojo - On the Rendering of System-equivalent Phraseological Units
2. Olgierda Furmanek - Psychodynamics of the Interpreted Event
3. Tomasz P. Górski - On Translating Culture: Between Domestication and Foreignization
4. Anna Strużyk - On the Transfer of Meaning in the Translation Process

Faces of Art and Literature

1. Doina Cmeciu - Towards a Poetic Discourse
2. Michał Garcarz - Talking Movies

3. Izabella Anna Malej - Polyphonic Provocation: the Nude in the Art of Cubo-Futurism